Management Team

7D2A0723Kelvin G.M. Brockbank, Ph.D., Director, is the President and Chief Science Officer of CTS. He has held senior scientific management positions in several organization including CryoLife, Inc., (NASDAQ: CRY) where he was responsible for developing it’s core technology, an allograft heart valve implant and Organ Recovery Systems (ORS) where he served as Chief Science Officer during the development of several of it’s initial medical products. Dr. Brockbank has more than twenty five years of project management experience in commercial applications of low temperature biology and is credited with more than 450 publications, patents and presentations.

7D2A0720Michael J. Taylor, Ph.D., is Vice President, Research and Development of CTS. Dr. Taylor is a recognized global authority on low temperature biology with more than 350 publications, patents and presentations. He has worked with Dr. Brockbank for just over 10 years making important contributions to the development of ORS’s LifePort Kidney Transporter, KPS-1 Kidney Preservation Solution and the Company’s technology portfolio. The LifePort Kidney Transporter and KPS-1 are cleared by the USFDA, CE marked, and marketed world-wide. Dr. Taylor has contributed to the development of several other marketed products including HypoThermosol® and PolarCath marketed by Biolife Solutions and Boston Scientific, respectively.

CTS_Dr Kravitz_newDavid Kravitz serves as a member of the Board of Directors of CTS. He is a founder Director, and Chief Executive Officer of publically traded Lifeline Scientific, Inc. Prior to founding Lifeline Scientific he held senior executive management positions in the consulting and clean-tech industries. He currently serves on the boards of St. Michael’s Medical, Inc, and I.D. Therapeutics, LLC.


7D2A0750Lia H. Campbell, Ph.D., is the Research Director of CTS. She has managed dailyoperations at Cell and Tissue Systems since its inception. She previously managed the cell culture facility at Organ Recovery Systems while developing cell handling and analytical techniques. This has resulted in extensive experience with a wide variety of cell and tissue models. She is actively involved in NIH grant study sections and is credited with some of our most exciting intellectual property development.