Why Cell And Tissue Systems

We are “The Biopreservation Company™” with technologies focused on control of ice and water at low temperatures. Central to our mission is the definition and design of conditions for long-term storage and distribution that will make it possible for cell therapy products, tissues, organs and tissue engineered constructs to be available both in the United States and World-Wide, regardless of environmental conditions. Cell and Tissue Systems has a pipeline of preservation technologies in various stages of research and development for commercialization and also performs contract research for commercial and academic partners.

CTS products are based upon our core competences, the application of low temperature biology for preservation of living materials and bioassays to determine whether the cells and tissues are still functional after experimental treatments. Our patented research products are Unisol™ solution for cold, hypothermic, not frozen, storage, and a VS55 kit and method for vitrified, subzero storage of cell and tissue samples. Such samples may be surgical or cancer biopsies from mammals including humans. The Unisol™ solution formulation accounts for the biophysical requirements of low temperature exposure with minimal biochemical components for use as a vehicle for additive “cocktails” optimized for preservation of different cell and tissue types under various storage conditions. The VS55 kit is used for biosample vitrification. Vitrification is amorphous solidification of a supercooled liquid, which can be achieved by adjusting the solute composition and the cooling rate such that nucleation and growth of ice crystals are essentially prevented. Inhibition of ice crystal formation by vitrification while halting metabolic activity of cells at low temperatures maintains the viability and functionality of preserved tissues.

The Company’s technical resources consist of personnel with more than 100 years of experience in low temperature preservation research and a laboratory equipped for preservation and analytical studies. Drs. Brockbank and Taylor and their team are presently located North Charleston, SC. This facility consists of ~7,500 square feet of laboratories and offices adjacent to the Charleston International Airport.